A Blog Makeover

Posted on Tue 01 December 2015 in blog tech

This one is just a quick update on my latest blog makeover. So this business started when I discovered that a domain name that I've been looking for a while just popped back up on the grid. They have a tendency to do that, so it pays to keep looking once in a while. As an aside, this has given me an idea for a sort of notification service for when domains you care (or might care for) for become available. I think I'll try to spare a weekend for this.

Anyways, once I bought this domain, I simply had to move my blog over. Also, I wanted an email address linked to it as well. And of course, my vpn server and other machines in the cloud had to be moved onto subdomains of this one as well. Sigh. Given how I had previously been using octopress for the blog, and that it had lately become deprecated, I thought I might as well move over to Github Pages and Jekyll while I was at it. Fortunately, the entire thing above proved to be less of a pain than it usually is.

Trawling through the Github documentation got me to a simple jekyll template site that I was able to link to my custom domain. For now I have kept the apex domain pointed the blog since I've been too lazy to maintain some seperate placeholder website. Hopefully I won't have to either anytime soon. The good thing about the Jekyll move was that I was simply able to copy over the old markdown files from the source/_posts directory to the _posts directory of the jekyll tree. The only thing that required some work was that the default markdown parser used by jekyll used a different way of quoting code. I've added the facebook comment plugin as well. May rethink that further down the line, but for now, I don't see any issues with it other than the login constraint.

The email was a simple matter of creating a new Zoho Mail account and aliasing that to my current Gmail account. So now, all mail from my current Gmail account would be routed through the new email, and all mail received at the new account would lie waiting for me in the Gmail account. Piece of cake. One discovery was that I couldn't find the account settings in Google's Inbox app. Had to do all the work from the old Gmail interface with the clunky popups. Hopefully they will fix that soon. Particularly if they ever decide to shutdown the old interface as they are in the habit of usually doing.

Phew. Things simply feel neater now. Let's see if this inspires me to post more often.