Understanding Modes of the Major Heptatonic

Posted on Thu 21 February 2019 in music

While playing scales over and over on the Guitar, I have found some very interesting patterns in them that I thought would be worth summarizing here. Particularly, I am interested in verifying these properties through computation, and wherever trivial, proving them as well once we have achieved a reasonable formalism.

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A comparison of Lomuto and Hoare Partitioning Schemes

Posted on Thu 01 September 2016 in algo

I have read before that Hoare Partitioning is faster by a constant factor than the Lomuto Partitioning. This will clearly have an important impact on the performance of Quick Sort. Here, I wanted to check that and see if it holds true in practice, and if so, what that constant factor might be. Let's define the two partitioning schemes below:

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Moving to Pelican

Posted on Wed 31 August 2016 in tech • Tagged with blog tech

Sadly, I seem to be blogging more about how I've been shifting the shape of my blog than on anything else. Anyhow, this change seems significant enough, so I guess I might as well continue in the same vein and make a mention of it. I got bored with ...

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Analysis of Delhi Pollution

Posted on Wed 08 June 2016 in data

The datasets for pollution data in many countries are readily available and there has been a bunch of research already done on those. I wanted to see if I could analyse the pollution patterns of Indian cities. Unfortunately, I could not find an openly accessible historical pollution dataset for Indian cities. The folks over at aqicn.org

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A Blog Makeover

Posted on Tue 01 December 2015 in blog tech • Tagged with blog tech

This one is just a quick update on my latest blog makeover. So this business started when I discovered that a domain name that I've been looking for a while just popped back up on the grid. They have a tendency to do that, so it pays to keep ...

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Hoare Partitioning and Pivot Selection

Posted on Sun 06 September 2015 in algo

Quicksort is a remarkably flexible algorithm with several variations. Here, I wanted to write about the Hoare partitioning method, in particular, about the special choice of its pivot as the leftmost element. First, lets quickly write down the partitioning algorithm from CLRS exercise 7.1.

From vim to emacs

Posted on Sat 30 November 2013 in tech • Tagged with tech

I grew up as a programmer on vim. In my first week at college, I was treated to an interesting discourse on the virtues of vim, emacs and their ilk from Prof. Suban which first lead me to appreciate them better. Vim is simple, and very quickly becomes a part ...

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First Steps

Posted on Sat 30 November 2013 in tech • Tagged with tech general

I suppose it was long past time that I started blogging. I love to write. I also love technology and the ecosystem that surrounds it. However, despite the presence of both of those two passions, I could never quite see the charm in creating a blog. A fair bit of ...

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